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Sing Me A Story
Will you sing me a story, dear Mama
Of a maiden fair, locked away in a tower?
Will you tell of the knight who must save her?
And of the villainous dragon he must face?
Mama, will you tell me the legend
Of Merlin, the fabled magician?
Will you speak of the wands and spells?
And of the apprentice who must learn them?
Oh Mama, can you make me laugh
With accounts of quick-change comedians?
Will you make me smile at the painted clowns?
And become amazed with the flying acrobats?
So please Mama will you,
Make me laugh.
Make me gaze in wonder.
Will you sing me a story?
:iconivoryhamsa:IvoryHamsa 0 0
Fell Hard And Broke. Still Breathing.
     Have you ever fallen? Fallen so hard you thought you’d never breathe again? I have, and in the beginning, I didn’t think I’d fall until I was actually falling. I didn’t realize anything until I hit the ground and heard everything in me break. I hit so hard I had to lay a hand on my chest to remind myself there was a heart beating there. The reason I fell so hard? The most beautiful girl I’ve ever met.
     A friend (if you can call him that) set us up three years ago. Or, more or less, pushed us together because we were two bi girls in a very lonely world. So we started off awkwardly holding hands in the hall. I would walk her to her classes and wait for her after my last class of the day. We’d walk to the buses together, and give those first-time-dating-a-girl smiles to each other like presents in pretty boxes. The more we did this, the more I came to love her. Within a few months I knew she was the one for me come
:iconivoryhamsa:IvoryHamsa 1 0
The Tiger
The tiger on my mouse pad
Has eyes the color of amber.
His fur happens to be the same hue,
With white and black
Thrown in for good measure.
He has a nick in his left ear,
Which to me, suggests
That in the wild he was a fierce fighter.
Still, unfortunately for him,
Those days are over.
Now, the amber tiger
Is a toothless softie,
Lying beneath a large tree inside a fence
At some city zoo,
Watching people and their children
Walk by on the stone paths
Outside his small jungle enclosure.
The once proud tiger
Can no longer roar.
He can barely stand now,
And instead of getting up
And getting his own food,
This old tiger must have his
Food brought to him by
The workers at the zoo.
When teenagers who think they
Are the cocks of the walk
Taunt him and point their fingers,
The old feline cannot lash his claws.
He can only flick his ears,
And do his best to ignore them.
He can only lay and wait
For the end to come,
That once great amber tiger
Whose former self is
Printed on my mouse pad.
:iconivoryhamsa:IvoryHamsa 0 0
She Lies In Wait
She lies in wait, the lady spider
For her unsuspecting meal.
No death could be kinder,
For her victim, nothing it will feel.
She sits in stoic silence,
Upon her silken throne.
Hoping her prey will act in compliance,
And pass quietly into the unknown.
Finally, the fly appears,
Stumbling into the spiders trap.
He struggles mightily, but soon adheres,
Bemoaning his terrible mishap.
It may be a trick of fate,
But good things come to those who wait.
:iconivoryhamsa:IvoryHamsa 0 0
Sephy by IvoryHamsa Sephy :iconivoryhamsa:IvoryHamsa 0 0
Shadow Folk: An Essay
The paranormal (defined as experiences that lie outside the range of what is considered normal) has been influencing the media for years. Paranormal phenomena include but are not limited to ghosts, spirits, tulpa’s, demons, and aliens. Cryptids are also included in the list of paranormal phenomena. Creatures categorized as cryptids are mythological beings such as Big Foot, the Jersey Devil, unicorns, vampires, and werewolves.
Belief in the paranormal has sparked television shows like Ghost Hunters, movies such as The Ring and The Grudge, radio programs and even Internet chat sites. The existence of the paranormal has been fiercely debated in the past, with opinions being influenced by media, religious backgrounds, geographical locations and upbringing. Personal experiences also factor in to what people do and do not believe as far as the paranormal is concerned.
Belief in paranormal entities such as shadow men stems back to the beginning of recorded history. A
:iconivoryhamsa:IvoryHamsa 0 0
Mature content
Incubi Nights Ch.1 Preview :iconivoryhamsa:IvoryHamsa 0 3
Puttimon by IvoryHamsa Puttimon :iconivoryhamsa:IvoryHamsa 0 0



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